FUZE events

Make your event an extraordinary experience in the timeless Masaryčka. Whether you want to organize a corporate party, dinner, conference or a celebration with family and friends, there is always a place for this uncommon event at FUZE. Jan Mudroch himself, the heart and driving force of our business, will make sure that your time with us will exceed your expectations. And it’s not hard – where else can you watch at your table the trains arriving along with the sunset and enjoy the beer specials of our brewmaster Aleš Paik, who prepares them a few meters below in the glass brewhouse. Wherever you start, getting to FUZE in Masaryčka is easy, whether you come by metro, tram, on foot or by train – Masarykovo station is right next door, and the Main Station and Florenc are just around the corner. And another experience is, of course, the food: a fusion of novel flavours, boldly put together by chef Luděk Munzar, and we’re sure that when you taste anything on his menu, you’ll want more. And last but not least, the great sound. The fantastic acoustics at your event will make sure you hear what you need to hear and don’t accidentally hear what you don’t want to. Rather, you’ll be serenaded by a DJ who will contribute to the FUZE atmosphere and spend the whole evening with you until the end of the event. Jan Mudroch mudroch@garerestaurants.cz