FUZE flavors

The menu created by our chef Luďek Munzar combines local ingredients with Asian flavors and non-traditional methods of food preparation. We serve beef tartare with fried rice, duck croquette with kimchi and grill tripe, which may be unusual for many, but surprisingly good. In the restaurant, you won't miss the clay tandoori ovens, from which the smell of roasted piglet entices guests in the evenings. We bake it whole according to the principle from nose to tail at a temperature of 450 °C. The meat thus acquires the aroma of fire, but at the same time remains juicy. For a larger group of guests, we will serve the pork in the middle of the table so that they can share it with relish. If you don't know what to surprise your party guests with, this is the perfect tip for a gastronomic experience. The chef, in collaboration with the brewer, will also prepare a special pairing of beers and cocktails for individual courses, from small dishes to desserts.